Paralogic eSports
With passion since 2018

About Us

As our name implies (Para of Paranormal = Unusual and logic = English word for logic), our ideas differ from many others. Let's change everything normal! We, PARALOGIC eSports are a German organization, which was founded on 27.10.2018, with the goal of becoming one of the largest eSport orgas/clans. When we were founded, we became known as h0pe eSports some time passed and the thought came, that we now continue to enter the eSport scene, with a then 800 user community, we joined forces with the former clan Vexum eSports, With this merger, we created the clan "Weaver eSports", who did not satisfy us after a while. Was born PARALOGIC eSports, with a current community of 1,150 users.


We own several teams to play in different games. Launched with a single Fortnite team, is currently represented in other games such as "Apex Legends", "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Counter Strike: Global Offensive". Of course, we also want to expand our teams to more games.

Social Medias

Paralogic is represented on several social media platforms. These include Twitter, Twitch, Instagram und YouTube. On Twitch live streams will be organized regularly in the future. YouTube is used to publish short videos, such as match highlights or frag movies. To keep up to date with the team, it is worthwhile to follow our Twitter account.